Welcome to WSF

The World Spiritual Foundation rekindles the flickering and moribund flame of spirituality well before it finally dies down and thus galvanizes the inert individual soul from the materialistic outer development to eternal inner sojourn. Founded by Acharya Raghuveer Singh Gaur.

Acharya Raghuveer Singh Gaur

"The aim is to reach the poorest of the poor, the commoner and the mighty one without any discrimination and enhance them spiritually. The goal is awaken people right from their commonness to the king of all kings transcending all ignorance and hibernation."


At the start of every session we dedicate our work to god and to Acharya Raghuveer Singh Gaur, our spiritual master under whose feet our little soul prospered.

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Aim & Objects

World Spiritual foundation aims at the spiritual enhancement of the individual self and guiding it to the ultimate journey of communion with God Almighty.

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Spirituality & Yoga

Hindu spirituality is known as 'Adhyatma' which means inside the soul. Yoga means the communion of individual self with the God.

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